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Hello, Oumino

Founded in May, 2018 when the sun shines just well, very well.

We're a team who's fond of discovering whatever it is that makes lives better. With Oumino, we hope to share our thoughts, maybe ridiculous ones with you, through our products. We handpicked each of them and carefully designed how they should be presented, to meet you. We believe that everything in our daily life, fancy or trivial, should have an interesting, beautiful solution.

With the love of sports and nature, we carried out the first product — Oumino Running Pouch, for those who enjoy running, jogging or hiking in their spare time. As we believe that running is even more amazing with music, when you enjoy the freedom, enjoy the rhythm at the same time.

If you happen to discover something nice or have any peculiar ideas, don't hesitate to drop us a message! Make it come true with Oumino. Amazing.

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